Nourachi Studios


Branch Library

Client: The Columbus Education Authority     |     Location: Columbus, Ohio      |     Use: Branch Librarary

Client: The Columbus Education Authority
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Use: Branch Librarary

Design Challenge

The project focused on the development of vacant land with a river cutting in the middle, into a library that would fit into a natural setting. The emphasis was to provide an affordable and energy efficient development which was sensitive to the existing conditions and their surrounding context.

Design Solutions

My design solution was to use the concept of the snail metaphor outer shell organic concept. The floors of the library will stack on each other and cantilever towered the edge of the river bed descending in a cork screw motion. The view to the river will be preserve and it will inspire the readers to be isolated and raped by the natures view towered the water flowing under their feet.


Not Built