Nourachi Studios


Buckhead Village Town Center

Client: Buckhead Development Center     |     Location: Atlanta, Georgia      |     Use: Mixed-Use / Retail / Urban Design

Client: Buckhead Development Center
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Use: Mixed-Use / Retail / Urban Design

Design Challenge

The proposal attempts to identify and evaluate the quality of life in American and Italian urban centers, and to investigate the role of Architecture in enriching and enhancing the vitality of the district of Buckhead Village in Atlanta. Buckhead Village has its own character, yet lacks cohesiveness, order, and sense of direction. Successful design for American urban space looks to the future by stepping back to the past.

Design Solutions

We proposed a design solution to enhance the vitality of the Buckhead area by seeking to incorporate medieval principles into the existing character of Buckhead Village. The study would utilize public domain and mixed use concepts to unify the diverse urban fabric of the area, build on its existing character, and strengthen its unique sense of place. To study the Buckhead urban fabric, we focused on six categories of analysis:

  • Park
  • Pedestrian (Buckhead Avenue)
  • Buckhead Street
  • Buckhead Square
  • Buckhead neighborhood cinema
  • Buckhead Playhouse Theater


New Buildings/In Progress. Project awarded to other architect (SWRR). New project site name: Streets of Buckhead. Developer: Ben Carter Properties.