Nourachi Studios


Coca-Cola Company Headquarters

Client: Coca-Cola Company     |     Location: Atlanta, Georgia      |     Use: Office / Hospitality

Client: Coca-Cola Company
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Use: Office / Hospitality

Design Challenge

This project was a collaborative effort between us and Coca Cola’s marketing administration. The headquarters management team at the Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta, Georgia, requested the redesign of three spaces for staff. These areas should be designed to enhance staff creativity, and would include break rooms where staff would interact with their associates in a creative, lively environment.

Design Solutions

We proposed a design solution that would create spaces that captured the concept of a home living room, where employees could be relaxed and less formal with their friends and associates. While designing these spaces, we emphasized the inclusion of technology, games, multi-media features, food, and movies, among other enhancements. The design utilized the predominant red color used by the company and also items that would remind visitors and staff that they are in a relaxed and casual family environment at company headquarters. The inclusion of such amenities as television, projector, outlets for laptops, games, cozy furniture and sitting areas was expected to enhance creativity and encourage staff to brainstorm and come up with new ideas.


New Renovation/Built.