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Design Competition- Samuel P. Hern Museum of Art

Client: University of Florida     |     Location: Gainesville, Florida      |     Use: Museum Concept/Building Design

Client: University of Florida
Location: Gainesville, Florida
Use: Museum Concept/Building Design

Project Description

The Competition:
This was a national two stage design competition for a new art museum on the campus of the University of Florida. The construction for the museum is estimated at six million dollars. The museum will be funded from private or non-state sources.

Design Challenge

The Competition:
The goal of the University of Florida was to achieve a significant building design that is most importantly functional, and adheres to defined program requirements. The architect selected via the competitive process will have exhibited an approach that is progressive yet sensitive to the site, the surroundings, and intelligent space planning.

Design Solutions

The theme of the museum design is related to the concept of a pit. All the forces of the building center around a courtyard. The galleries are the most important spaces in the museum. They take on the conceptual association of the pit. The association is materialized by the orientation of the galleries onto the sculpture court yard. The organization of the rest of the university buildings of that area emphasized the open space on the west side of the site.


New Building/Built. Project awarded to another architect. Visit the project web site: