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Governor’s School of the Arts and Humanities

Client: SC Department of Education     |     Location: Greenville, South Carolina      |     Use: Educational / Urban Design

Client: SC Department of Education
Location: Greenville, South Carolina
Use: Educational / Urban Design

Design Challenge

To Design a campus master plan and develop a proposal for a building for the visual arts, in a heavily wooded site on the Reedy River in Greenville, South Carolina. The client program emphasized the need of security, views and academic village setting.

Design Solutions

The Program requirements of security, view and creation of an academic village character were addressed through an extension of the Medieval concept of the fortified city wall. The medieval concept begins at the scale of a master plan, and was carried through down to detailing of the window units.

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Seven-building campus on an 8.5-acre site – more than 150,000 square feet of classroom space and arts facilities, including a 55,000-square-foot residence hall.


New Building/Built.1999. Project awarded to another architect. This project was awarded to Freeman & Major Architects and Triangle Construction. The project was completed in 1999 with constriction budget of 20 million. The same concept was used by the new architect. The school’s architectural design is based on the planning concepts proven successful in European village design. The buildings respect the natural and historic features inherent in the site while creating outdoor pedestrian-oriented spaces to foster social interaction between students and master artists. The grounds feature a courtyard with fountains, gardens and sculptures. While building themed on the lessons of the past, the school focuses on the technology of the future.