Nourachi Studios


Life Style Center at Carson

Client: City of Carson – Avalon     |     Location: Los Angeles, California      |     Use: Mixed-Use / Retail / Urban Design

Client: City of Carson – Avalon
Location: Los Angeles, California
Use: Mixed-Use / Retail / Urban Design

Design Challenge

[Nourachi Studios’ Principal, Leo Nourachi, participated in this design competition during his employment with TVSA, Atlanta]. The existing site involved a landfill. The former Cal Compact Landfill site would be redeveloped into a vibrant mixed-use community that would bring new retail and housing opportunities to the City of Carson. The roads, utilities, storm drainage, sewers and water had already been constructed by a previous developer. The new owners asked for several creative master plan ideas.

Design Solutions

We considered the project ideal for implementation of the American principles of new urbanism. The New Urban Movement consists of traditional neighborhood design principles that are the core elements for designing cities, towns, and villages. We proposed a design solution for the Carson center with these principles in mind. We considered four different master plan alternatives.

  1. Pedestrian Village Master Plan
  2. City Block
  3. Retail Island
  4. Meandering Boulevard

We developed the Meandering Boulevard Master Plan idea, which proposed a central plaza/activity area. There would be an office plaza that would include a business center and office spaces. A theater plaza would be located opposite the office plaza. The Meandering Boulevard would accommodate small stores and market places. People would wander through these narrow streets and experience a unique shopping experience.


New Buildings/Built. Project awarded to other architect.