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Master Plan for the Smyrna Village

Client: City of Conyers     |     Location: Rockdale County, Georgia      |     Use: Mixed-Use / Urban Design

Client: City of Conyers
Location: Rockdale County, Georgia
Use: Mixed-Use / Urban Design

Design Challenge

The purpose of this project was to develop a master plan and implementation strategies for the Smyrna Village district in Rockdale County, Georgia. The City of Conyers/ Rockdale County Comprehensive Plan, 1991-2010, adopted July 1991, designated the design solution for the Smyrna site as a potential Future Village District.

Design Solutions

We proposed a design solution to utilize the natural as well as the physical features present in the area. These included historical sites, special natural habitats, pastoral views, and thoroughfare and utility capacity. The project also sought to maintain a small-town atmosphere and character for the area’s existing and future residents.

The main intent was to propose a design for a traditional neighborhood and village center that is livable, environmentally sensitive, and efficient in terms of both pedestrian and automotive movement. Traditional neighborhood village design principles were used to create a sense of place, thus minimizing or preventing future urban sprawl, or unplanned growth, from encroaching on this area.


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