Nourachi Studios


Ocean Palms Condo Villas

Client: Huck Development Huck Development, Love lace interiors     |     Location: Ormond Beach, Florida      |     Use: Multi Family/Interior Design

Client: Huck Development Huck Development, Love lace interiors
Location: Ormond Beach, Florida
Use: Multi Family/Interior Design

Project Description

Eighteen Luxury condo designed on the Florida beach front in Ormond beach. It was asked from us to assist in creating 3d design visualization for an 18 unite condo with pool house in middle of the elongated building. The building exterior was based on the Italian country villa look, with Spanish red tile roofs.

Design Challenge

we helped in the design of the building exterior envelop and the site plan landscape. Also we provided interior design solutions to some of the interior spaces. We did color water color design and illustration shown above.

Design Solutions

We created the 3d model and designed the total landscape grounds surrounding the site. With the collaboration with Love lace interiors, we assisted in interior design of the living room units. We gave two designed solutions to the space planning, color and materials for the main living room facing the ocean views.


Built. Project awarded to another architect