Nourachi Studios


Revitalization of Daniel Morgan Square

Client: BBT     |     Location: Spartanburg, South Carolina      |     Use: Mixed-Use / Urban Design

Client: BBT
Location: Spartanburg, South Carolina
Use: Mixed-Use / Urban Design

Design Challenge

To revitalize Daniel Morgan square as a part of a comprehensive urban design proposal for the downtown city of Spartanburg. The design challenge sought to re-emphasize the historical square as the central focus of the city’s urban core. Morgan Square would then act as a catalyst for the redevelopment of contiguous areas.

Design Solutions

My idea was to create internal central square plaza with large water fountain. By doing so the activities at the plaza will separate it from the heavy noise traffic on its perimeter busy roads. Also placing two restaurant at the west side of the plaza axis will ensure the sense of community and allows the town to function as pedestrian and business district. Morgan Square is now a thriving center for daytime commerce as well as nightlife.



The $2.5 million project completely transform the square into a much more pedestrian friendly gathering spot in the heart of downtown.


Renovation/Built 2005. Project awarded to another architect.