Nourachi Studios


Sterling at the Park – Mid-Rise Project

Client: Sterling Development Company     |     Location: Atlanta, Georgia      |     Use: Hospitality / Multi-Family

Client: Sterling Development Company
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Use: Hospitality / Multi-Family

Project Description

Sterling at the Park is a collection of 188 luxury rental apartments inspired by Italian Renaissance villas. The project was tailored to meet the needs of sophisticated urban professionals who demand a luxurious lifestyle, often walk to work, and place a premium on their time.

Design Challenge

We were asked to design a European Italian villa from an existing, long, massive building that lacked revels, and allowed only limited use of shade and shadow. Through our (Silvestar Associates) collaboration with Sterling Development and Hill Design Associates, we worked on designing the façades of the existing building.

Design Solutions

We proposed a design solution that would break the long mass of the existing building into three different sections, and allow work on each to create a sense of an Italian Venetian theme. We worked on all the facades, courtyards and entrances, including such levels of detail as the design of window sills.


Built 1990