Nourachi Studios


Virtual Reality

Imagination Without Limits

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology is a real game-changer. Highly realistic, it sells your concept long before it’s created, by putting your customers in the picture. We became experts in every facet of VR visualization and AR, when we recognized their power to produce compelling interactive presentations that can super-charge websites and social media channels.

VR 360 panoramic Tour

Interactive virtual tours are indispensable to developers and real estate professionals, because they showcase properties before build-out. Linking single or multiple points develops a virtual storyline that enables your clients to visualize your project in detail. VR 360 panoramic tours can be viewed on websites, PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

VR 360 Real Time

Take VR 360 one level higher by allowing viewers to “walk” through the space and add their preferences for items, such as floor finishes, cabinetry, furniture, etc.

VR 360 Video

Here, viewers “walk through” spaces and “fly over” projects. Animation adds a heightened sense of space, color and materials. VR 360 Video answers your customer’s question, “What will it really look like?”

Augmented reality

AR is the next step in marketing virtual reality. A smartphone or tablet is all that’s needed to see a 3D model or animation. Architects, for example, can view a 3D building model right on their phone and examine it from all directions.